DIY Cover for your Wool Iron Mat

Are you tired of looking at your gray wool ironing mat? No worries! Grab your favorite fabric prints and join me as I make a cover for my wool mats. Use the materials guide to determine the amount of fabric you’ll need based on the size of your mat. My sizing formula will assume that your mat is 1/2″ in thickness.

The fabric I used is from the Sew Obsessed Line by Art Gallery Fabrics.

Note: The cover for your mat will end up being slightly small and extra tight, which is what I prefer over having a loose cover. If the mat does not lay flat immediately, no worries, the fabric will settle (and stretch) very soon!

Wool Mat: measure the size, mine is 17″x24″
Fabric Cut: Width of Mat times 2, then add 1 1/4″ & Height of Mat + 3″
Pins – about 15-20

1. Fold the fabric in half RST length-wise.
2. Sew a 1/2″ seam along the length and one short end, leaving one side open to insert the mat.
3. Turn the ‘pillowcase’ right-side out,
4. Insert the mat. I find it easiest to bend the length of the mat slightly to allow it to fit.
5. Take the upper open fabric and tuck it under the mat. Take the bottom open fabric and fold/roll it to the 1/2″ edge of the mat.
6. Insert pins straight into the thickness of the mat to stabilize and close the fabric. Insert pins about an inch apart.

Want to see a video in action? Here’s my Youtube Video

So, what fabric would YOU use for this project? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I got art gallery fabric on vacation to San Francisco in August to see my daughter. She generously bought me lots of fabric

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