Extra Squeeze into your Quilted Pillow


This body pillow is probably my most favorite make of all time, even though I am mainly a quilter. Its snuggle game is pretty great, especially when I am sick in bed.

The Free Pattern guides you through making this 54″x18″ pillow cover and although the pillow insert I recommend from Amazon is slightly bigger at 54″x20″, there’s no need to worry – it’s actually what brings in the extra squish. Shop for the pillow at the affiliate link below to get the same one I used.

Here are some steps I took that will help you fit the pillow inside the quilted pillow case:
1. Cinch down the pillow by tying a twill rope or yarn and knotting it tightly around various parts of the pillow (see video for reference!)
2. The pillow should be slightly ‘skinnier’, and easy to maneuver and guide into the pillowcase at this point.
3. Starting at the deepest end of the pillow, reach in and grab onto the twill that is farthest away from you. Gently slide scissors into the pillowcase (in its closed position) and carefully snip the twill. Hold onto the twill and take it out of the case. Repeat to the rest of the twill until all are cut and taken out.

I know, it may seem like a few extra steps, but the extra squishiness is completely worth it to me. Don’t forget to grab your free pattern below and enjoy!

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