Two Things Quilters Need to Know…

I am a recovering perfectionist, so this message is mainly for me. But I’ll post it here in case if it’s for you too. When I give myself time to think about it, perfection is really a dead-end. If that’s the best you can do, then what’s next? And if perfect is a standard that is not really attainable, why focus on it to the point where you know you’re always going to fail? For to seek perfection and never reach it is to fail. And reaching perfection is a dead-end.

I would like to propose two things:
1. Your work will always be good enough, and
2. Aim for ‘better’ rather than perfect.

  1. If you make quilts, I want you to know that your quilts will always be good enough. Are your quilts designed to offend and hurt people? Nope. Can they give cover and warmth? Definitely. Then they qualify as quilts, and they are good enough. You’re in the club. Congratulations.
    Seriously, I am a fan of anyone who engages in this craft and am here to cheer you on for all of your makes. Don’t wonder if they’re good enough, because they are. Use that ‘wonder space’ instead to relish in the joy you have for making quilts. Because that is the least I want for you – to enjoy making quilts!
  2. If you want to aim for something, aim for better. ‘Better’ challenges us to seek out and imagine all of the possibilities for improvement. And better is usually achieved by doing the quilting (perhaps with more intention and focus on certain aspects), which is something I hope you enjoy doing. Mistakes will always be made, but the type of mistakes you make will evolve.
    I am here to cheer you on with your makes and to support you in your quilty journey. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Instagram: SweetPotatoQuilts and if there is any way I can be of service to you, let me know!


Pattern is the Speckles and Squares Quilt, which can be downloaded here.

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