What kind of quilt block are you?

Read below and take the fun personality quiz.

I recently sat down and made a personality quiz to find the strength of correlation between people’s quilting preferences and the types of quilts they like to piece together. It is not entirely possible (or right) to box quilting and quilters down to stereotypes, so some (if not many) may find that the results are not true.

When taking this quiz, there are nine possible quilt blocks that you can match with:
1. Traditional
2. Modern
3. Paper-pieced
4. Improv
5. Curves
6. Log Cabin
7. Strip Piecing
8. Appliqué
9. EPP

Some of the thoughts that went into the correlations?
With EPP using fussy-cutting, needle, and thread, I felt that this type of piecing gave you mobility and the ability to be away from the sewing machine, allowing you to do the craft a little more socially, or on the couch with a good movie on.
There are also types of piecing that I would use my scrap stash for: Paper-piecing, Improv, and Appliqué. Others require more time and attention when ironing: Log Cabin, Strip Piecing, etc.

Again, these correlations are not true for everyone – but it’s definitely fun and fast to take the quiz and see!

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