I Wish I Had this When I was Learning to Quilt

If you are a quilter, you’ve intentionally made space in your life to learn a new skill and pursue something you love. But sometimes things don’t go as well as you’ve imagined, and when that happens we might not know where to get help. To make things worse, reading quilt patterns as a beginner can feel like looking at IKEA furniture assembly instructions.
One thing that I wish I had was the ability to focus on the quilting process by learning about and playing with elements of quilt design. What if there was a place where you could focus on piecing skills, one at a time, while learning to build and design your own quilt blocks?
Take a look at this FREE mini-course below where you can learn, practice, and even start creating your own quilt blocks. It includes Video tutorials, trimming tips, sizing charts, and design activities.

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